Monday, September 22, 2008

Knitting feverishly

This weekend our Boy Scouts camped out fairly near home, and my younger 3 and dad went.  This left time for, guess- KNITTING!  I made a lovely pair of Ivy's Mitts out of some random gray angora.  Sorry no pictures yet.  Oh wait- Dancing With The Stars just starting, be right back...
So.  I made right mitten on Friday and one on Saturday, and wore them to the campfire.  OK, so no one noticed one bit, but I did.  They are soft, but they hav ean awful lot of hairiness, tickley!
I'm sorry, but double stick tape is truly the only thing keeping Julianne's dress to the exact spots not to see.  Of course plenty is shown.  The young guy from Hannah Montana that has her as a partner can't concentrate to learn from her!  He admitted it.
I started a pair of Ampersand Socks out of some Trekking I call Orange Juice.  They are only a two row repeat so quite easy to remember.
Today I moved around my room, and confiscated a tall bookshelf for my yarn.  (No school today- for the homeschoolers- since they were so busy this weekend), I moved out a love seat, moved in a recliner, and a beautiful old hand-me-down table.  I'll do pictures tomorrow.  My yarn had been in 3 XL ziploc bags, now they are all displayed.  I did debate- they will collect dust, God knows I won't dust them, or use them in a timely fashion.  I even fixed a shade the dog ripped, and put curtains up again. It was unbelievable the amount of crap hiding in my corner, under the couch, in the couch. 
I wasn't feeling all that well, some of the kids are getting a fever, and just generally not up to their norm.  #2 son called off work, he was all red from fever.  He said he slept through the last 2 periods, both computer classes!  Geez.  We arranged for him to get in 2 classed in computers this year because that's what he wants to do in college.  He's so far advanced we all have to agree on what he should do next, and the teacher has to learn a bit ahead of him. He's self-paced, that's how he got away with sleeping, and being in Puerto Rico last week with his dad.  We are so blessed to be in such a small school, all the kids are catered to individually. He should have just gone to the nurse and had me bring him home.  I guess he thought he could stick it out.
Then tonight I begged for a date dinner with husband, Chinese Buffet.  Sounded like a good idea, now not feeling like such.  A bit queasy.
And last but not least this weekend is out Yarns Away weekend, 3 days at a house near the beach in DE, knitting until our fingers fall off, and gourmet food.  One of the ladies' sisters is a chef, and is coming.  The menu is made and midnight snacks planned. Sounds great, now I have to figure out what to pack to work on.  We are having a swap, I have been buying cute goodies to swap for fabulous sock yarns.  Plus we'll be hitting some shops.  So I'll get my fill!

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