Thursday, September 25, 2008

Orange Juice socks

       These have kept me busy for the past couple of days.  They are Ampersand Socks.  The design doesn't show from this perspective, but the colors are beautiful.  It is trekking that I looked at for months before buying.
Am getting ready for the weekend trip.  My ride is getting me at 5:45 am!!  But that's because we are taking the food and the chef with us, and it all needs to be set up for lunch, I think.  It's suppose to rain tonight and all day tomorrow, but that's just good knitting weather, right?  It's not like this is a volleyball weekend and we won't be able to play.
I am listening to this from  I love Patricia Routledge (Hyacinth Bucket) and Prunella Scales (Mrs. Fawlty).  They are friends who email each other, usually not in a very friendly manner!  There are about 6 in this series, have to wait for more monthly audible credits to get each one. If you like Britcoms you will recognize these ladies, and will enjoy this.
I am finishing Miss Julia Paints The Town today.  I always enjoy these stories.  Usually there's some wild goose chase at the end, not so much in this one.  But the familiar characters are always interesting.  If you like the Jan Karon books, you will like these.  They are set in a small southern town, and center around a somewhat wealthy matron who tends to get into everyone's business. 

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