Friday, September 19, 2008

These are some Celtic Gloves I was making for anyone in the house who liked them. Unfortunately no one liked them at all, but I pressed on. Now, the fingers are too small for the men. I could wear them, but I don't like them either, I've quite gone off the whole thing- so to redeem myself...
My first Koolhaas. It's for #5 son, I bought him a winter coat at Goodwill that is mostly gray and black with one red stripe, and then I went to the yarn shop I found Jasper in the same colors! I already know I LOVE Jasper by Berrocco. I will make him some mittens too. I didn't follow the decrease instructions from Jared Flood, I made up my own. It got too fiddly, I had cast on 2 less repeats around and it threw some of the counts off, so I took the easy path and didn't continue the pattern decrease. I was tired, and I wanted to cheat, OK?

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