Sunday, October 19, 2008

Big Ivy Scarf (Inspired by...)

This is my take on the Big Ivy Scarf.  I wanted to choose my own fair isle to insert, I liked the look of this one.

I am hoping I have enough of the green, it looks like I will get 5 sections out of it, but not quite 6.  It is to go into the Christmas gift pile.  When I notice someone has a coat that it would match I it will be going to them.
Not much else going on.  Usual school stuff.  We went to an orchard this week, which has become incredibly over comercialized and not so much fun as it use to be.  But the boys wanted to buy concord grapes and make jelly.  I had done that a few years ago.  It was fun.  #4 did a lot of research on jelly and preserving it, and wrote a paper too.  We used the wax seal method, which is no longer recommended, but we will see how it goes for us.  Here it is:

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