Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I want to inform anyone out there who doesn't actually know me in the flesh.  If there is one thing that gets under my skin it is mothers who put forth a perfect persona, who never really let you know how everything isn't as perfect as it seems. 

I for one have never striven to be a great housekeeper, not high on my list, and you'd really better call first before coming or suffer the consequences. If you have small children you live this life too.  In reality I have a 20 year old son who is lost and drifting at the moment, still living at home.  He will vvcatch on to something, but that is what is real right now.  I have 2 kids homeschooling that I probably am not doing permanent damage to, but I'm not entirely sure.  My youngest is the cutest 8 year old boy you've ever seen, but a complete bully around the house with his brothers, and throws major fits.  And the younger 4 fight most of the time when they are together.  Oddly, people who know my boys from school tell me how wonderful they are. My husband is a complete opposite of me, he is by occupation an "efficiency expert" for lack of better explanation, he tries to not be a perfectionist with my abilities, tries not to judge, but it is so much of who he is.  He makes enough money that only he has to work to support 8 people, and  thank God, because I can't seem to make money in my life.  We have a good income but I am crap at not spending too much anyway.
So that's it really.  I am by nature a whiny person, I try not to put a lot of this out there in my blog because it's not the forum to do that.   This is my hobby forum, to share ideas, to put down in writing what I have actually accomplished, because it's easy to think that things are not going well just because my recent project is not going well and personal relationships are tough.  I can look back and realized that I have actually done something, moved forward in some way.
Now I won't be going on about it again.

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