Monday, September 29, 2008

Yarns Away!

Gosh, I can't say enough about the trip this weekend, so I don't feel like I should say much, because I know I'll leave so much out.  Have to say the food was incredible, Katie, one of the chefs at the Canal Street Pub was our private chef.  She made a 25 lb prime rib on Saturday night!  I mean, this was the most incredible food.  Eggs Benedict Saturday morning, Creme Broulee, cheesecake...  The house was like a model home, perfection.  The local shop was called Sea Needles.  The attendant was helpful but not hovering.  We all dropped a bundle there.  Oh, and we had a swap, I made out! Each woman there was unique, the ones I didn't know well I felt like I knew better after, and liked them all.  It was only 10 of us, a nice size.  I had a lousy head cold most of the time and the weather was crappy, but that's not what I'll remember.  We had games and prizes.
On to the knitting.
This stripe hat is made with Blue Sky Cotton, one of my most favorite yarns in the world, and I dislike cottons immensely.  Whenever I find it in a shop I MUST have it.  I have more to make mittens out of also sometime.
I re-did my calorimetry, basically it's a short-row headband to wear instead of a hat in winter. LOVE IT.  I had made it before but the pattern is notoriously messed up and I needed it smaller. And this is me without makeup, ick.
I also finished my Orange Juice socks. They are actually made of Trekking, and the Ampersand Sock pattern.
It is a super easy sock to do because it is only a 2 row repeat.
We each received this hand dyed yarn, this years colorway was called Tide Pool, in reference to 
our being at the shore this year.
And this is a bad picture of one of my acquisitions from Sea Needles, it's Claudia Handpainted, and it's called "Eat Your Veggies".  It's a combo of greens to grays.  Had to buy it just for the name.
So that's what I have to say.  I added all my swap yarns and buys to my queue spreadsheet, so it is again unbelievably long. 

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