Monday, September 29, 2008

Hemlock Ring Throw

I don't know what is possessing me, this is not a project I would ever start! But this yarn is yelling at me. It was a part of a swap, and my friend Amy said it was suppose to be a Hemlock Ring. So it goes... On row 34 now, have done some obsessive knitting for hours tonight. I am taking a lot of advice from people on Ravelry, I put in a lifeline tonight. Hence the bright pink line on the outside. The yarn is Zara, and is a rust color, sometimes it looks like chocolate brown. But it is rust. It would be just like me to pick it up next time and learn 3 hours later that everything I did during that session was off by 1 stitch, and I have to rip out 1500 stitches with YO's and SSK's. This will help, I know I'm correct to this point.

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