Monday, October 13, 2008

Shrug done!

This is what has taken up my time for the past week. It is a shrug, but I tailored it to what I wanted. It's not all that poofy, the first pattern I tried was, and I wasn't going to have enough yarn. It was also suppose to be in a double moss stitch, but I have no objection to regular stockinette. I prefer it sometimes, looks less homemade. So I reduced the stitches cast on, but stuck to their stitch count when it came time to knit flat across the shoulders. Oh, that was another thing, the pattern I had had you knit the whole thing flat, then seam it. Not a fan. It made sense to me to do the sleeves in the round. The yarn is from our knitting weekend away, from a shop called Sea Needles at Bethany Beach Delaware. I wish I could tell you what it is closer, but I can't find the wraps to the hanks! I do have enough left for a quaint, or maybe a
Calorimetry. It is 100% acryllic (generally known as crap), but this is a particularly soft and vibrant one. I will get a lot of wear out of this, unfortunately tonight it is in the high 60*'s I think. I put it on, then had to take it off pretty quick.
I wanted to show off a Goodwill purchase. Can you believe these are Liz Claiborne, almost new. The plaid one has to be new, there is no wear at all. I got one for $8.97 and the other for $10. And they are big. I can easily fit my normal purse stuff, my book, and whatever I'm knitting at the time.
Other than that I feel like I haven't been doing a whole lot, it was a 3 day weekend from school, so tomorrow we have to get back to work. I'm starting to think about Christmas knitting. I have so much cool yarn from the swap from our trip. Oh, and I made a teeny trip to the expensive shop nearby with the unfriendly staff, lured by stock like Koigu and Wool Of The Woods. I ended up with a hank of Happy Feet and one of Fleece Artist. But you didn't hear that that happened because husband hasn't worked through the money recently.

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