Monday, October 6, 2008

Mama Jane's

These slippers are a joy to create! They ahve a nice shape to them, and taught me about shaping the toe of a slipper using short-rows. I will use this technique again, and this pattern, for sure. It takes about 150 yds of a springy type yarn. You wouldn't want to use something that would flatten and felt easily. The pattern calls for Manos, and I just happen to have 2 balls. I have another colorway too, so someone will be getting some of these babies for Christmas. I didn't add the button to the strap closure though, too fiddly. I just sewed the strap in place. The pictures are modeled by someone else, so they look too big. But they fit me well.

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Heather said...

Those are SO CUTE! Everytime I come here I get tempted to try knitting, but it won't work. Not at all, plus I wouldn't have time if I could. :)