Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Not such a good start...

So I just ripped back about 10 rows of my hemlock ring... It looked right, but I was WAY off in my stitch count. Luckily rounds 15-24 are totally K around, and the stitch count was correct to there, so I could pick up easily enough to that point. I have to learn to pay attention to the stitch count stated at the end of every few lines!
#2 did in fact get his license yesterday, without having a single thing marked off on the test. Just as I did on my test, BTW, and I did accept full credit for this from husband, because it took him (husband) 2 tries. To this husband took back the credit by stating that he is the one who taught son for the most part. So I let #2 have the car at school, and he drove the brothers home, and he had a date with a new girl last night. New girl is an unknown factor, he works with her, and #1 son knows her, but I don't. I hear she's quiet, nice. They went mini-golfing, and to WalMart. He was out late, and I was very worried. I told him not to answer his phone if he's driving, wait until he gets to the next place and call me back. Just before 11 I got ahold of him, and he came home, and we had a chat about how late he should be out on a school night. We haven't really had a curfew, they have used common sense. We are having to put some guidelines on to what common sense is so that I can go to bed at a reasonable time and not wait up.
#1 son has an interview for a job today that he really wants that could start his life in the direction he wants.
I have no idea how I am going to deal with life when I have 4 teenagers, because that day will come in 4 years. They will be 13, 15, 16 & 18 at the same time. I will probably be completely numb by that point, like you could stick a fork in me and I wouldn't even twitch. I will have heard it all by then and have a very long term view of life- as in don't worry too much about the things they're doing now, they will all be normal people when they are 30. Some will be ok, some will have a rough patch. Someone may be in jail, someone may be military, someone may be a PHD candidate. None of them will be just like husband or myself. The things that I will freak about will be different than what husband will have a fit about. I'm beginning to figure out that to be ok I have to look at the idea that husband and myself have organized our own life, as a couple, in a way that is a fairly happy and productive, and have to work theirs out and that has not much to do with ours. Our lives go on, they spin off, and we have a full enough life to be busy and happy. And thankful.

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