Monday, October 6, 2008


Husband and boys at Doubleday Field. Yes, after Abner Doubleday, supposed inventor of baseball.  Doubleday is in the center of Cooperstown.  This weekend was the fantasy baseball weekend, you could pay $8500 to play ball with some old-timers.  
Ozzie Smith is behind the catcher in the blue shirt and red turtleneck.
I saw a lot of this!  It was peak this weekend, so beautiful.  It'll be another week or two here in PA.
This is my kid who was my buddy during the trip.  He and I couldn't care about autographs and all that.  He and I did a lot of shopping.  We found a cool toy shop.   He bought a neat game, and a solar king crab robot kit, which he assembled today. It does walk when in the sun.

This is the Baseball Hall Of Fame.  It's very different than I remember.  They had a scavenger hunt for the kids to do, they did that with their dad.  I walked through how I wanted to, saw what I wanted, then went to coffee.  To me baseball is my husband.  I get sentimental about baseball history because it is so much a part of Tim.  I can see a day when I visit Cooperstown after the kids are all grown, by myself.  I will walk through and think of him, because I will outlive him.  That's a given.  Even though he thinks he's so much more healthy than I am because he's a skinny chicken man.  I will someday walk through the town and feel close to him.
This is my boy with our trolley tickets.  We found the town has this cool trolley that you can ride all day long around the town for $3.  Very cool.
This was our little cabin...  
And from the front, our view. 
We all had a great time, we could have had another day there, at least.  Tim and a couple of the older boys go there every Hall Of Fame Induction Weekend, usually the last weekend in July.  They go for five days.  It is way too much chaos for those of us not obsessed.  Those of us who won't get up at 4 am to stalk baseball legends on a golf course to get their autograph. This weekend was our chance to enjoy the town without the 100,000 people who usually are there during the other weekend. 

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